Attention to detail. Strategic litigation. Result-focused negotiation.

These are the fundamentals of my consistent success. I have tried and won big cases for people threatened with life-changing consequences. I have helped thousands of people get their lives back.

You probably won’t get another chance to state your claim. Make sure you get it right. Call me to discuss how you can protect yourself.

How to Choose a Lawyer

I want to explain what to look for if you need help. Most people don’t have any experience hiring a lawyer, they don’t know where to start, and they are afraid they will be overcharged and underserved. This often leads people to call the first name they can find, write a check, then cross their fingers and hope for the best.

There is a better way. Whether you chose to hire me or not, I want you to get your money’s worth and I want you to get the help you need.


First and foremost, select someone that you trust, who answers your questions, and who does what they say they will. It is your case and your money. Sometimes this may require talking to a few different attorneys to find one that you are comfortable with. Ask for a consultation. Some are free and some are not, that is up to the lawyer. Either way, you should be prepared to explain what you would like help with, and you should bring any relevant documents or paperwork with you to the consultation.

I offer free consultations because I feel like it is the straightforward thing to do. I feel that it is only fair to give people an opportunity to see if I meet their needs before they spend any money.

Fee Agreements

Once you find a lawyer that you want to work with, you will need to sign a fee agreement and you will need to pay the fee. All lawyer jokes aside, nobody works for free. Fees vary according to the type and complexity of the work as well as the experience of the lawyer. Some fees will be hourly, some will be fixed, and some can be contingent (meaning you only owe a fee if you recover something). Usually you will have to pay a retainer or a flat fee up front. The specific details will be in the fee agreement, which both you and your lawyer will need to follow.

I usually charge flat fees for criminal matters and a retainer for hourly work. I am also normally willing to work on a contingent fee basis in personal injury cases. With flat fees and retainers, I put the money into a trust account at the beginning of the case, and then remove it only when I’ve sent you a bill letting you know what work I’ve done on the case. I’m also mindful of the fact we are living in tough times. I make every effort to give my clients the most value for their money because I believe that everyone should be able to afford quality help when they need it.


You should expect updates on the work itself. It is important to be educated about their matter and to participate in the decision making when appropriate. Sometimes that means an office meeting and sometimes its just a letter explaining what is happening. Sometimes cases move quickly and sometimes a few months will go by without much changing. Again, this depends on the type of case, but you should feel as though you are up to date on the case. If you feel that you are not getting what you expected, politely bring it to your attorney’s attention so that the issue can be addressed.

I make a great effort to communicate with my clients because I find that people are always more satisfied when they understand and participate in the process. I want my clients to know what is going on and I want my guidance to give them as much control as possible. I’m always willing to listen and to explain things so that my clients really understand because it is very important to me that my clients trust me and that they feel I give them straight answers.


No one can promise a result. If someone claims that they can, proceed with great caution I have the experience to tell you what is likely and why. I am confident that my advice will hold up, and I have a very successful track record, but I can’t promise you what’s going to happen. I help people make the best decision for them by listening to their priorities, setting out the possible choices, and working through the likely results.